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  • 20 Questions With F. Reid Shippen

    F. Reid Shippen is a mixer, producer, and recording engineer whose credits include 10 Grammy®-award winning projects and hundreds of #1 hits. His credits include Kenny Chesney, Elle King, Sammy Hagar, Dierks Bentley, MercyMe, Cage the Elephant, Pink, Minus the Bear, Jonny Lang, Chris Tomlin, Disney, Lucie Silvas, Colony House and BASSH. Reid currently owns and operates Robot Lemon studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

    We recently sat down with Reid and chatted for our ongoing 20 Questions series. Read on to learn more about his modded SSL 4000, why he spray painted his acoustic guitar, how he uses effects pedals to process his drum mics and how a lot of recording advice is "fake news."   Continue reading

  • Vintage King And Retro Instruments Team Up For Exclusive 175-B Compressor

    Vintage King wanted to create something special to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, so we teamed up with our friends at Retro Instruments to release a reproduction of the 175-B compressor. There will only be 100 of these limited edition 175-B recreations available worldwide and they will be sold exclusively through Vintage King.

    Why bring back the 175-B? Simple. It’s a classic compressor that has been a staple since its release. Designed by Bill Putnam, the product was created to make up for the lack of compressors created specifically for recording studios. It’s huge and clear sounding tube circuitry and aggressive nature has made it a favorite of many engineers on drums, guitars and vocals. Continue reading

  • Utilizing Analog Gear In Your Digital Set-Up

    Digital audio has made it infinitely easier for artists to record their own music. Years ago, the process of making a record involved hours of writing, rehearsing and pre-production before booking an expensive hourly studio. Today, we simply click an icon on our screen and start creating.

    The process may have improved, but the results have suffered in some ways. Artists can record themselves at home more easily than ever with digital interfaces, but these tracks often pale in comparison to those recorded with analog gear. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's AES Afterglow Celebrates By Recording Straight To Vinyl

    After the doors closed at AES 2018 in New York City, Vintage King headed to Sear Sound to celebrate another successful pro audio convention. For this exclusive event, we were honored to be a part of the first-ever live quadraphonic direct-to-disk recording session in history.

    For the session, musician Emily Wells provided the sounds. She is an incredible multi-instrumentalist who is capable of creating extremely lush, beautiful and deep music all by herself. At the Afterglow event, she created a layered performance that featured vocals/vocoder, synths, violin and percussion. Continue reading

  • Using Remic Microphones For Open Air Concerts With Taketo Gohara

    Miking instruments in open-air settings like amphitheaters can be complicated, as the weather can always be unpredictable and factors like the wind can ruin your sound. For the purposes of miking orchestral instruments in these settings, REMIC Microphones has created new mics that feature built-in shields to prevent any wind noise from being picked up.

    This past summer, Front of House Engineer Taketo Gohara went on with legendary Italian singer-songwriter Vinicio Capossela, and was tasked with running sound for two orchestras. When miking the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini and the Orchestra Teatro Massimo in open-air settings, Gohara opted to use the REMIC LB (Live) microphones featuring built-in windscreens.
    Continue reading

  • Around The Shop: Arcade Fire's Custom Universal Audio 610 Console

    In the world of the recording studio, there may be no more recognizable console or mic pre than the Universal Audio 610. With its light green hue and large tactile knobs, Bill Putnam Sr.’s creation was known for adding warmth and harmonics to recordings while still keeping things sounding extremely musical.

    The 610 mic pre and recording console’s resumes are beyond stacked. Both were used predominantly on some of the top records of the 1960s and 1970s, including Neil Young’s Harvest, The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, The Doors’ L.A. Woman and several Frank Sinatra recordings. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Presents: Silent Knife

    It's Halloween time and at Vintage King we've been getting in the spirit by binging on our favorite horror movies, both new and old. Whether it be the lush beauty of Mandy, the stark realism of the latest Halloween or the bonkers nature of every Friday The 13th sequel, we got inspired to create something of our very own.

    In our new short, Silent Knife, we posit the question, "What happens when a serial slasher's knife goes quiet?" Not "quiet" as in the killer goes dormant, but "quiet" in the sense that things just aren't quite the way they used to be. There's just that little something missing. Continue reading

  • Buyer's Guide: SSL AWS Delta Recording & Mixing Console

    SSL AWS Delta instant rebate promotion banner
    Solid State Logic AWS Delta Recording & Mixing Console

    Solid State Logic has a wide range of consoles for both recording and mixing purposes. Finding the right one to fit the needs of your studio is not a problem – it’s a solution waiting to be discovered! Today we’ll be talking about the AWS 900 Delta Series recording and mixing consoles.

    If you’re running a mid-sized production facility, the Solid State Logic AWS 900 Delta Series is most likely the answer for you. These full featured hybrid consoles that combine Superanalogue™ sound with a DAW controller. The AWS 900 Delta Series offers a choice of three different channel sizes and configurations. All three contain a variety of inputs within a compact frame size of 24 faders:

    Continue reading

  • Universal Audio Apollo Expanded: Pairing The Apollo X and Apollo Twin

    The connectivity options for the Universal Audio Apollo has always been one of the interface's greatest features. By combining multiple Apollos together, you can expand your processing power and feature set to make your workflow faster than ever before.

    When specifically pairing a Universal Audio Apollo X interface with an Apollo Twin, there are some really handy features you can deploy for both recording and mixing. In this configuration, your Apollo Twin instantly becomes a monitor controller for up to three pairs of monitors and can be used as a talk-balk mic controller during your session. Not to mention, the Apollo Twin will also expand the processing power of your Apollo X rig. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Mike Nehra Talks With DIME Detroit Students

    Located only a block away from where the Nehra brothers started Vintage King, the Detroit Institute of Music Education offers a new educational option for those interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. The school's unique curriculum focuses on areas like songwriting, music entrepreneurship and creative music performance.

    DIME Detroit recently invited Vintage King Co-Founder and CEO Mike Nehra to come speak with students about his recording career and work at our company. Additionally, Mike took questions from DIME students and offered insights into using certain microphones for specific genres, analog compared to digital and creating a hybrid workflow. Continue reading

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